A Complete Simple Example

As a simple example of an entire html document generated using the htm4l macros, consider the following file.

include(`/usr/local/www/m4/html-macros') m4_html_simple_start(`Introduction to htm4l.') For more information, contact m4_name_url_email(`Terry Jones', `www.teclata.es/terry', `terry@teclata.es') or check m4_http(`www.teclata.es/terry/htm4l/htm4l/main.html', `the htm4l information page'). <hr> m4_last_modified m4_html_end

This file produces, after processing by m4, a corresponding .html file containing:

<!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 3.2//EN"> <!-- --> <!-- DO NOT EDIT THIS FILE! --> <!-- --> <!-- It is automatically generated by m4 from the file whose name has a --> <!-- ".htm4l" suffix. Any changes made here WILL be overwritten! --> <!-- --> <!-- Instead, edit the ".htm4l" file and type "make" to produce an updated --> <!-- version of this ".html" file. --> <html> <head> <title>Introduction to htm4l.</title> </head> <body> <h1>Introduction to htm4l.</h1> <p> For more information, contact <a href="http://www.teclata.es/terry">Terry Jones</a> (<a href="mailto:terry@teclata.es">terry@teclata.es</a>) or check <a href="http://www.teclata.es/terry/htm4l/htm4l/main.html">the htm4l information page</a>. <hr> Last modified: Tue Aug 13 12:01:26 GMT+0100 1996 </body> </html>

Which your browser renders as:

Introduction to htm4l.

For more information, contact Terry Jones (terry@teclata.es) or check the htm4l information page.

Last modified: Tue Aug 13 12:01:26 GMT+0100 1996

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