A Simple Macro for Referring to People

Here's a simple one I use all the time. I very often want to mention someone on a web page. If I know their email address and home page URL, I want to include links to these things. As an example, look at the following:

Nelson Minar (nelson@santafe.edu)

Which appears on the htm4l main page (here). This is produced using the m4_name_url_email macro as follows:

m4_name_url_email(`Nelson Minar', `www.santafe.edu/~nelson', `nelson@santafe.edu')

Which, obviously, produces the following html:

<a href="http://www.santafe.edu/~nelson">Nelson Minar</a> (<a href="mailto:nelso n@santafe.edu">nelson@santafe.edu</a>)

I know which of those I'd rather type (and edit or read).

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