Using htm4l

There is no htm4l program that you execute. Htm4l is just the name I use for the process of generating html files using the collection of m4 macros I have written. So when I say "using htm4l" I really mean "using m4 to make html". You can take this idea and write your own macro files to produce html, or, you can use mine. Most probably, you will use mine as a starting point and develop custom macros of your own for specific projects.

On my machines I have two htm4l configuration files. These are


I put the files under /usr/local/www because that is my web server's document root. You can put them anywhere. You do not need root access to install htm4l. To use htm4l on your machine, you need m4 and copies of these files (the first is not strictly necessary, it just makes life easier).

Follow the links below to find out about how these two files are used.

*Using /usr/local/www/m4/make-include
*Using /usr/local/www/m4/html-macros

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