Is Your Browser Broken?

WARNING: All the arguments to m4 macros you will see in these pages are enclosed in two different kinds of quotes. The first is a backtick (or grave accent, `), the second is an apostrophe (acute accent, '). Look at the following line of htm4l:


If your browser does not show you the first quote above as a grave accent (sloping from top left to bottom right), it is broken. With some browsers, the grave accent looks just like an acute accent inside <listing> ... </listing> and <pre> ... </pre> tags. I don't know why. The character is correct (try cutting and pasting into a text file), but the glyph is horrible.

Make sure you use the correct accents when writing your own macros or m4 will go beserk. Read the m4 man page if you are confused by all this.

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