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Flight Patterns

    Look! Up in the sky!

    Most of our speed team

    That's me, losing it at the back

    Most of our speed team

    Most of our speed team

The fair Ana

    with flowers.

    Modelling the plush bra.


    Andrew with flowers.

    On our way to the stage to collect our M.Math degrees.

    Proudly displaying our degrees.

    As above.

    Football head brothers.


    A boy and his dog.

    The young man.


    The good boys...

    The bad boys...

    The ghastly head of Derek Smith.

    Derek Smith sneaking through my kitchen.

    Ron Hightower, former US marine rollerblade pilot.

    Instant vampire - just add fangs.

The little years




    A very heavy and big object on my face.

    Passing with Steve Ragatz and Fritz Grobe.

    Mounting (not falling off) a uni.

    "My, what pretty balls!"

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